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March 11 20242 minutes of reading Actualité

Evan Murray – The new General Manager of the CDRQ

The CDRQ is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Evan Murray to the position of General Manager. This choice is based on his deep commitment to… Read the article
November 23 20232 minutes of reading Tourism and leasure

Engage in outdoor activities and support cooperatives? Here’s where to go!

Skiing, walking… climbing walls? Several Quebec cooperative businesses and organizations offer just that. Here are 5 of them to discover: 1. Carve down the slopes at Mont-Orignal… Read the article
November 23 20232 minutes of reading To discover

5 coop outings to add to your holiday schedule

Show, microphone, restaurant, getaway, or shopping? Here are some Quebec cooperatives that offer you all that! See a show at Café culturel de la Chasse-Galerie (Lavaltrie in… Read the article
October 19 20233 minutes of reading Collective takeover

Collective takeover, a promising avenue

La reprise collective has often prevented the closure of a business or its transition to foreign ownership. While not a miraculous solution, this model certainly addresses some… Read the article
August 30 20235 minutes of reading

Eric Simard – Recipient of the Quebec Cooperative and Mutualist Merit Award 2023.

Every year since 1948, the Quebec Council of Cooperation and Mutualism presents several Quebecois individuals with the Cooperative and Mutualist Merit Award. This year, Mr. Éric Simard… Read the article
August 28 20233 minutes of reading

Faces of the Cooperative: Julie Gonthier-Brazeau

Proud of its team, the Quebec Regional Development Cooperative aims to showcase the individuals who make it up. In this article, a meeting with Julie Gonthier-Brazeau, Head… Read the article
August 23 20233 minutes of reading

2022 Review – Gaspésie et Îles-de-la-Madeleine

Though few projects concluded this year, a lot of groundwork was covered. In terms of the number of cooperatives started, the year 2022-2023 may not be representative… Read the article
August 23 20232 minutes of reading

2022 Review – Abitibi-Témiscamingue/Nord-du-Québec

The year 2022-2023 brought together several remarkable collective entrepreneurship projects in the region, along with promising collaborations. Another year has passed with the privilege of supporting cooperatives… Read the article
August 23 20232 minutes of reading

2022 Review – Lanaudière

We can fairly assert that this year has been the return of projects, both for startups and those driven by already active cooperatives. The year in Lanaudière… Read the article
August 23 20234 minutes of reading

2022 Review – Montreal/Laval

The past year has been marked by the deployment of the pilot project for supporting the startup of for-profit non-profit organizations (NPOs) in the two territories covered… Read the article
August 23 20232 minutes of reading

2022 Review – Centre-du-Québec/Mauricie

Here is the 2022-2023 report from the Central Quebec / Mauricie regional office of the CDRQ. The past year has been one of transition for the regional… Read the article
August 23 20235 minutes of reading

2022 Review – Estrie and Montérégie

During the year 2022-2023, we were fortunate to have a dedicated, skilled, and diverse team. Thanks to them, we supported promising projects for the communities in Estrie… Read the article
July 26 20232 minutes of reading Kickoff

The CDRQ is committed to supporting Anglophone collective enterprises

In an effort to support English-speaking entrepreneurs and to raise awareness about the colletive model as broadly as possible, the CDRQ has dedicated a resource person to… Read the article
June 20 20235 minutes of reading CoopérativeKickoff

Demystifying How Cooperatives Work

The inner workings of cooperatives are simpler than you might think! The co-op is essentially a business model that lets you build a company aligned with your… Read the article
June 19 20235 minutes of reading GovernanceKickoff

Understanding the Different Types of Cooperatives

The cooperative model is flexible. It can be adapted to group size, business ecosystem and economic sector, among other criteria. Most importantly, it is conducive to developing… Read the article
July 19 20225 minutes of reading CoopérativeKickoffOBNL

What Is the Difference Between a Cooperative and an NPO?

You have a business idea, but are not sure whether a cooperative or a non-profit organization (NPO) would be the best fit for your venture? You do… Read the article
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