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Efficiently managing your collective enterprise’s finances

With good financial management, your cooperative can hire the staff it needs to grow, develop new services or products, launch development initiatives and acquire the necessary equipment to be even more profitable. So, where should you start? Let us help you before your finances become a headache.

Our consulting services

We know that building a successful business takes time, energy and good financial management. We therefore offer various services to help you master your business finances:

Capitalization plan

Cooperatives must have sound management of their finances and capital. Get advice on:

  • Preparing a statement of capital stock, including share repayment requests and share repayment forecasts, as required by law
  • Providing members with reasonable prospects for repayment of their shares
  • Planning for sufficient capitalization to ensure the development of your cooperative
  • Understanding capital management obligations
  • Targeting strategies for better capital management

Guidance on capitalization

For cooperatives with projects requiring capitalization by members, this assistance will help you understand the obligations involved in managing capital stock. In addition, we offer advice on:

  • Adopting the resolutions that determine the characteristics of the preferred shares to be issued
  • Applying for the Cooperative Investment Plan
  • Applying for a cooperative RRSP

Recovery, continuity and consolidation plans

We work with managers and, where appropriate, cooperative members to prepare recovery, continuity and consolidation plans.

  • A recovery plan addresses the structural difficulties of the business model with a view to restoring profitability.
  • A continuity plan is used to plan and stimulate business recovery following an event (e.g. pandemic, fire, flood, etc.).
  • A consolidation plan allows you to restructure your debts to ease the burden.

Feasibility analysis

A feasibility analysis aims to verify that your project is technically feasible and economically viable. Please note that this is not a market study, but an overview of the main indicators of success (associative, market, legal, regulatory, etc.).

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