Tourism and Leisure - CDRQ

Addressing industry challenges 

Since 2015, the CDRQ and its partners in tourism and leisure have been exploring the potential of collective entrepreneurship in this sector, with promising results.

The Plan d’action secteurs stratégiques tourisme et loisir (PASTEL) has emerged from these efforts. It aims to characterize, network and strengthen existing collective enterprises, to develop a culture of using collective entrepreneurship to enhance territories, and to tackle industry challenges through this innovative approach.

Objectives for the tourism and leisure sector 

  • Promoting collective entrepreneurship 

We firmly believe that collective entrepreneurship models are powerful catalysts for showcasing territorial resources for tourism and leisure purposes. Both the cooperative and commercial NPO structures are an ideal platform for developing innovative and sustainable projects.

  • Promoting the benefits of collective enterprises 

Collective enterprises offer a plethora of beneficial services for managing leisure facilities. From sports centres and ski resorts to golf courses and swimming pools, these businesses offer efficient, community-focused management that is often more sustainable.

  • Understanding the needs of social enterprises 

We are striving to better understand the specific needs of social economy businesses in the tourism and leisure sector to support and guide them in their development.

Call for projects in tourism and leisure

Currently, there are no calls for projects. Check back soon!

Ours partners

We’re proud to have the support of more than 20 committed partners, including the Alliance touristique du Québec, the Conseil québécois du loisir, Aventure écotourisme Québec and the Fédération québécoise des municipalités. Together, we will drive forward this ambitious and vital initiative for the future of our tourism industry.