Run your collective enterprise effectively | CDRQ

Next steps

Have you had your first annual general meeting and you are wondering what your organization should do next? Let our consulting team support you in launching your enterprise’s operations so that you can gradually become autonomous.

Depending on your specific needs, pace and context, our team aims to:

  • Support your organization in creating a business plan
  • Help you implement internal management policies or procedures
  • Help you implement tools, best business practices and sound governance policies
  • Help you develop an operating budget

Is your business looking for an efficient way to begin operations? Contact your regional office to get your project off the ground!

Operating a collective enterprise efficiently

Below are some tools provided by the CDRQ to help you achieve your business goals:

  • Action plan for beginning operations
  • Reference document kit with best business practices and policy templates (HR, finance, etc.) for your organization.
  • Guide to the Cooperative Investment Plan (CIP) and cooperative RRSP.
  • Assessment of your associative life
  • Recommendations report for your organization’s development.

We also have other tools that you may find useful.

The strategic support offered for the process of beginning operations is mainly intended for CDRQ member enterprises that have already received the start-up services and have held their first annual general meeting.