2022 Review – Centre-du-Québec/Mauricie - CDRQ

2022 Review – Centre-du-Québec/Mauricie

August 232 minutes of reading

Here is the 2022-2023 report from the Central
Quebec / Mauricie regional office
of the CDRQ. The past year has been one of transition for the regional

Change in Regional Leadership

After 10 years at CDRQ, Mr. Donald Goudreault handed over the reins of the Central Quebec / Mauricie regional
direction in December 2022. In the initial months of my mandate, I observed a desire among our members for our team
to be more active on the ground, particularly in Central Quebec and the Maskinongé RCM in Mauricie.

The change in leadership also meant taking stock of the past years and, most importantly, taking the time to
introduce myself to economic partners. Initial discussions have already taken place, and further meetings are
scheduled. I am enthusiastic about traversing our extensive territory and meeting with existing cooperatives and
those yet to be established.

Developing Strategic Sectors

Already, I can see the importance of focusing on sectors such as local agriculture, tourism, and leisure in the
region. Several cooperatives in the area stand out nationally in these sectors. Consider Citadelle Cooperative, Coop Charrette, the Origine
hotel group
, as well as the numerous cooperative breweries and distilleries in the region. It will be
crucial to highlight them during events and thereby stimulate inter-cooperation and knowledge sharing.

While the circular economy is a prevalent topic, we believe that interest in cooperatives should gain importance in
the entrepreneurial environment. Many cooperative practices have long been part of the circular economy. Indeed,
cooperatives have long been interested in resource sharing and reducing the environmental and social costs of their

Stronger Together

With the arrival of Ms. Diack, responsible for collective takeover, the already active CDRQ will be better equipped
to respond to the wave of businesses seeking succession. This will also enable better coordination with our
partners, including the Quebec Business
Transfer Center
. We will also collaborate with other strategic partners, including Social Economy Poles, in
promoting collective succession within the entrepreneurial community.

In conclusion, we look ahead to the coming year with optimism. We commit to leveraging the strengths of the
cooperative model to bring meaning and value to the economic activities in our territory.

Alex Dorval, Regional Director, Central Quebec / Mauricie

Alex Dorval Regional Director, Central Quebec / Mauricie