2022 Review – Lanaudière - CDRQ

2022 Review – Lanaudière

August 232 minutes of reading

We can fairly assert that this year has been the return of projects, both for startups and those driven by already
active cooperatives.

The year in Lanaudière was marked by the launch of Lanaudière
. A project resulting from close collaboration with Social Economy Lanaudière, SADC Matawinie, and MRC Matawinie,
the reception was immediate. Many of you have testified to the quality of the content and its utility. A true
business card to reconnect with multiple socioeconomic partners, we were able to reaffirm each other’s complementary
service offerings.

Enhancing services for social economy businesses

Under the umbrella of Lanaudière Collective, CDRQ and Social Economy Lanaudière were selected as part of a project
call to enhance the continuum of services for social economy businesses, particularly non-profit organizations in
collective entrepreneurship. This was launched during the Economy Month in November 2022. Fourteen projects entered
this continuum, and two benefited from structured support from CDRQ.

Significant involvement

Throughout the year, 10 cooperatives received our support. Among these 7 startups, we find cooperatives in
healthcare, employee participation in shareholding, food or event offerings, as well as public infrastructure
management. The other 3 cooperatives sought our services in digital transformation and capitalization planning. In
addition to these cooperatives, 15 projects were welcomed or directed. They span various domains, such as food
offerings, gardening, infrastructure maintenance, packaging, accommodation, etc.

Finally, 21 proactive activities were conducted, particularly in the circular economy and community development. I am
proud to participate in several structuring activities within Lanaudière’s economic landscape.

I would like to conclude my annual message by thanking once again all the individuals comprising the business support
ecosystem in the region because we manage to collaborate relevantly and efficiently. It’s a privilege to work with
all of you!

Evan Murray, Regional Director, Lanaudière

Evan Murray Regional Director, Lanaudière