At the CDRQ, we recognize the importance of management in a context of change. And good management doesn’t happen by magic! What are your business goals? Does your organization have a well-defined vision? In addition, to achieve the business goals, each member of your organization must fully understand their role.

Our consulting services

On a daily basis, you make it your mission to operate your cooperative efficiently and fairly. Of course, you might still have questions or face challenges related to the management of your collective organization—and our specialists are here to help.

We provide the following services:

Analyze the current functioning of your organization’s operations in comparison with an optimal operating model.

  • First obtain an overall picture of the current functioning of the organization’s operations
  • Analyze industry best operational practices
  • Identify the gaps between the current situation and the desired situation
  • Determine the improvements to be made to optimize the operational structure
  • Revise roles and responsibilities to support optimized operation

We prepare with the managers and, if necessary, with the members of the cooperative, a recovery, recovery or consolidation plan. The recovery plan notably considers the structural difficulties of the business model with a view to restoring profitability. Also, the recovery plan makes it possible to plan and stimulate the resumption of business following an event (e.g.: pandemic, fire, flood, etc.). Whereas, the consolidation plan allows, among other things, the restructuring of debts in order to lighten the burden.

Achieving change presents considerable challenges. Indeed, one must, for a moment, disturb the system by creating a state of imbalance and transition. This period can raise more than one problem. This is why it must be managed properly. Thus, managers must therefore not only plan for change, but also demonstrate leadership, in order to mobilize the members of the organization until the change is achieved.

A feasibility analysis aims to verify that your project is technically feasible and economically viable. Note that this is not a market study, but an overview of the main indicators of success (associative, market, legal, regulatory, etc.).

Team specialized in management and operations

Sometimes organizations set good goals and put in place the means to achieve them, but do not know how to evaluate the results obtained. Our team can advise you on how to optimize your management processes. Indeed, whether you want to improve your business strategy or your operations management, we have the tools to equip your collective enterprise with the best business practices.

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