Setting up or growing your cooperative requires capital. Do you know where to start? Do you have the tools to finance your enterprise?

The cooperative network provides social economy enterprises with capital to meet their specific needs. In fact, several sources of financing exist that are adapted to the particular requirements and the different phases of development of collective enterprises. The CDRQ will help you find the right financing option for your project and your business goals!

Our partners

The CDRQ has teamed up with various partners to offer privileged access to several sources of cooperative financing:

Venture capital for your projects

Your first source of cooperative financing is usually a financial institution that can provide a loan with certain guarantees. However, you also need capital. For qualifying projects, the Essor Coop fund offers financing of between $50,000 and $250,000 in preferred shares, at a rate unmatched anywhere else in the venture capital world. The fund’s investment is also combined with an acceleration plan to ensure the optimal development of your cooperative. This is an exclusive offer of support from the CDRQ in collaboration with Desjardins Capital. 

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Financing tailored for social economy enterprises 

The Réseau d’investissement social du Québec (RISQ) offers an accessible financing route. The process is adapted to the particular requirements and the different development phases of collective enterprises. No matter where you are located in Quebec, you can access RISQ’s three financial products. Designed with accessibility in mind, these products offer flexible reimbursement and guarantee conditions. Investment decisions are based on the complementarity and balance between the social mission and the economic viability of the project. Perhaps most importantly, RISQ can act as leverage when applying with other solidarity finance partners.     

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Coup de cœur cooperative program

The Coup de cœur cooperative program is a joint initiative by the Coopérative de développement régional du Québec (CDRQ) and the Conseil québécois de la coopération et de la mutualité (CQCM) to support cooperative businesses. It offers free start-up support from the CDRQ, as well as a grant from the CQCM, to any cooperative project that has reached its crowdfunding goal on the La Ruche website. 

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Quebec cooperatives have access to several sources of financing to help them launch, consolidate, or carry forward a growth project. Below is a list of partners whom the CDRQ deals with regularly to facilitate the success of your project. 

For information or guidance on the various sources of financing, contact your regional office.