Are you considering a digital transformation at your organization? Our team can support you with these changes. By developing an action plan, we can help specify the technological, pedagogical, and managerial steps needed for your digital transformation.

Did you know?

Did you know that a digital transformation is essential, no matter the size of your collective enterprise?

It allows you to tackle several business-related issues and develop digital solutions to help the enterprise grow.
Martin Noël - Directeur des services professionnels
Martin Noël
Senior marketing and digital transformation consultant

Taking your organization forward with a digital transformation

Working alongside you, our team will help:

At the end of this process, you will receive a strategic plan, a digital maturity assessment, a technological action plan, a training schedule, and a skills development plan. These tools will give you both an accurate overview of your situation and concrete actions for success.

Are you looking to take your digital transformation a step further?

Digital marketing plan

A marketing plan is essential to ensure your organization’s digital presence. Our team will guide you through the latest opportunities open to you.

At the end of the mandate, our specialists will provide you with:

Acquiring digital technologies or skills

Perhaps your collective enterprise has fully embraced digital. However, you might be missing certain skills or technologies that would allow you to progress further. We help you select the right supplier, negotiate the best deal, and target the key skills to acquire.

As part of our offer of support, our team can advise you on:


In addition, we offer advice on financing your digital projects. This optional step may include the joint writing of a business plan and the examination of financial forecasts. You can also benefit from personalized advice on making presentations to financial backers or on comparing financing offers. 

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