Your company has been doing well for the past three to five years. To make sure it continues in this direction, you would like to take stock of its current position and think about its future growth.  For this to happen, a strategic reflection on the vision and orientations of your enterprise is an essential step. Often, the tricky part is knowing where to begin! No problem—we have the tools to support you with your strategic planning.

Did you know ?

Did you know that, whether you are a small or large enterprise, strategic planning is an essential tool?

It allows the teams and the board of directors to develop a shared vision. As such, the growth of the enterprise is driven by the collaboration of the entire organization.

Strategically planning for growth

Depending on your specific needs, pace, and context, our team aims to:

We also support you in creating and deploying an action plan, which will allow you to consolidate and further develop your activities.

By building on a solid foundation, we help you adopt effective and innovative business practices. As a result, you will gain an overview of your organization along with specific steps to achieving success.

To help you benefit from the best of our knowledge, our strategic planning support is designed for CDRQ member enterprises that have already completed the processes for start-up and beginning operations.