Are you thinking of starting a business?

Learn all the advantages of going into business as a cooperative.


A cooperative, a viable and sustainable project

Cooperatives have an above average survival rate. 62% of cooperatives are still in business after five years versus 35% for other types of organizations in Quebec. This is explained by the compounding effect of pooling of resources and expertise of its members.

“Launch your cooperative with success !” is a free webinar and an opportunity to ask all the questions about your start-up. After our training, you will be able to fully realize that with the cooperative business model, it is the strength of the group that makes the difference

During the webinar several topics will be addressed, including:

  • What is a cooperative?
  • The principles of cooperation
  • Why choosint the cooperative model for your business
  • The types of cooperatives
  • The start-up process and how the CDRQ can support your project


Target audience

Anyone interested in entrepreneurship or with a business idea.



Réseau de Développement Régional / Regional Development Network


CDRQ webinars

All of the training and webinars offered by the CDRQ are designed BY and FOR collective enterprises. Our team will advise you on the best practices to adopt. You will therefore have in your hands specialized and diversified content on all aspects of your collective enterprise.


Your trainer

This webinar is presented by Viviana Fernandez. Viviana’s focus has been on medium and large non publicly traded businesses and their financial needs. Besides from being a banker for over 10 years, she enjoys learning about all businesses directly from its stakeholders / founders. She graduated in 2019 from the HEC Montreal School of Business with a M.Sc. in accounting.

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