How do you plan and organize your cooperative’s budget? Are you confused when it comes to financial management? For any enterprise, whether it’s in the start-up or growth phase, financial issues are often critical.

Our consulting services

We know that building a successful enterprise takes time, energy, and good financial management. We therefore offer various services to help you master your business finances:

Co-ops need to manage their finances and capital soundly. Get advice for, among other things:

  • Draw up the statement of share capital, including share redemption requests and share redemption forecasts, as required by law
  • Offer members a reasonable prospect of redemption of their shares
  • Plan sufficient capitalization to ensure the development of your cooperative
  • Understand the obligations related to capital management
  • Target the strategies to be put in place to better manage capital

For a cooperative with a project requiring capitalization by the members, this support will make it possible to understand the obligations in terms of management of the share capital. In addition, our advice allows:

  • Adopt the resolutions determining the characteristics of the preferred shares to be issued
  • Submit an application for eligibility for the Cooperative Investment Plan, if applicable
  • Submit an RRSP-Coop membership application, if applicable

We prepare with the managers and, if necessary, with the members of the cooperative, a recovery, recovery or consolidation plan. The recovery plan notably considers the structural difficulties of the business model with a view to restoring profitability. Also, the recovery plan makes it possible to plan and stimulate the resumption of business following an event (e.g.: pandemic, fire, flood, etc.). Whereas, the consolidation plan allows, among other things, the restructuring of debts in order to lighten the burden.

A feasibility analysis aims to verify that your project is technically feasible and economically viable. Note that this is not a market study, but an overview of the main indicators of success (associative, market, legal, regulatory, etc.).

Team specialized in finance

In fact, without good financial management, your cooperative may risk having to deprive itself of the personnel necessary for its growth, stop developing certain services or products, leave development initiatives in the lurch or not be able to obtain the equipment needed to be profitable. Well, where to begin ? Professional help allows you to solve this puzzle that can become your finances.

Discover our team of finance specialists led by:
Caroline Martineau
Senior advisor in cooperative development, finance