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In an effort to support English-speaking entrepreneurs and to raise awareness about the colletive model as broadly as possible, the CDRQ has dedicated a resource person to meeting these objectives.

It was with this in mind that, four years ago, the CDRQ signed a collaboration agreement with the Secrétariat aux relations avec les Québécois d’expression anglaise, known as the “SRQEA Mandate.” The SRQEA Mandate has accelerated the CDRQ’s ability to offer services in English to social economy entrepreneurs across Quebec.

An additional agreement with the Regional Development Network (RDN) through its SeeNet initiative has made public services more accessible to Anglophone social economy enterprises, which were otherwise restricted to French by provincial language law.

Reaching everyone, everywhere

The CDRQ worked on several occasions in remote areas of the province. This has meant job opportunities, training for young people, access to business support services, and more.

Through the SRQEA Mandate, the CDRQ brings its values of democracy, openness and inclusion to life for English-speaking businesses, including the 11 Indigenous nations among Quebec’s English-speaking communities. The CDRQ has provided this service while, of course, continuing to serve the French-speaking population.

Conclusive results

A number of social economy and English-language businesses have benefited from socioeconomic support, either through the CDRQ’s regional offices or through its partners in the social economy. Concretely, this is illustrated by:

In short, the CDRQ is aware of the importance of maintaining its support and services to English-speaking communities, and it wishes to continue doing so as well as possible.

Any questions?

You are an anglophone collective enterpreneur, and you would like to have some information about our services? Please contact our cooperative development advisor, Viviana Fernandez

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