At the CDRQ, we support you at every stage of your business life cycle. Whether you want to start a cooperative or buy out an organization, our team offers solutions that make your life easier.

Having completed the research and reflection stage, are you keen to start a collective enterprise and need help to get there? Are you a group of at least three people? You’re in the right place! 

Starting a business on the right foot

The CDRQ team will guide you in setting up your new collective enterprise, in particular by helping you create a business plan and by providing technical assistance to structure the associative life.

Our experienced consulting team can help by:

With its expertise and its solid network of partners throughout Quebec, the CDRQ has all the tools needed to support you at every stage of setting up your collective enterprise. 

If you want to maximize the chances of your start-up’s success, consult your regional office the and start reaping the benefits of our support today!

Did you know?

Did you know that cooperatives are democratic organizations? This business model ensures that the enterprise truly reflects its members, while distributing wealth and risk among them. A collective enterprise therefore benefits from democratic decision-making, engagement, and participation from its members, all of which aid its development.

Taking over or continuing the activities of an enterprise as a collective

Ensuring the succession of a business can be a challenge. The cooperative model can offer a range of opportunities, allowing the next generation to take the reins of an organization. The ability to adapt to business situations, and to the market, is a key advantage of the cooperative model. 

Our consulting team will assist you in this change of legal structure without interrupting the activities of your organization.