Here you are at the marketing stage, that is to say the distribution and sale of your products and services. However, you have a host of questions:

You also need to pay particular attention to new digital technologies, but where to start? At CDRQ, our specialists understand the impact that technologies have on collective enterprises.

Our consulting services

Whether you want to promote your company to your customers or start a digital transformation, both require preparation and careful planning.

Our range of services provides the tools to help you improve your visibility and save you time:

This plan serves to raise awareness of the trends and opportunities offered by the digital age. In short, it will allow you to review the portrait of your business environment, define the target clientele, characterize the competition and determine the competitive advantage. As a first step, it is intended to be succinct, concise and the starting point for a process towards a broader digital marketing strategy.

This service aims to support you in the development of digital skills or in the choice of technologies. We advise on the selection of suppliers, the tendering process and contractual negotiation when implementing technologies. We can also support you in your efforts to finance your digital transformation.

Team specialized in commercialization and digital transformation

Our team supports you by identifying the potential of digital solutions and how to implement them in your company to make your daily life easier.

Discover our team of marketing and digital transformation specialists led by:
Martin Noël - Directeur des services professionnels
Martin Noel
Senior advisor in cooperative development, marketing and digital transformation