Unique in Quebec, the CDRQ offers guidance, expertise, and support for collective enterprises.

Regardless of your needs or the maturity of your collective enterprise, CDRQ can help you expand, increase your productivity and innovate !

Achieve your business goals

Do you have a business goal to achieve and need help to get there ? We have the tools to help you based on your specific needs. We can help you :

  • Start a collective enterprise
  • Take over or buy out a business as a collective
  • Operate your enterprise efficiently
  • Strategically plan your growth
  • Launch a digital transformation
  • Access financing

Our services

At the CDRQ, our experienced team will support you at every stage of your business life cycle. We offer you powerful tools and specialized services in:

Governance and associative life
Marketing and digital transformation

So whatever your collective enterprise needs to grow, we can offer tailored support to help you get there! On top of this, the CDRQ has a vast network of qualified partners who can help your organization succeed.

Our regional offices