Are you thinking of starting a business?

Did you know that a cooperative is a business model that offers a number of advantages? This free webinar on March 28th will provide you with more information on how to start a cooperative business and how the model can benefit you and your community!


The webinar will take place on March 28th from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. and online.


A cooperative, a viable and sustainable project

Thanks to the pooling of resources and expertise of their members, cooperatives have a higher survival rate than other types of businesses. For example, in Quebec, after only 5 years of operation, 62% of cooperatives are still in business compared to only 35% of other types of organizations. A statistic that speaks to the strength of this business model.

Our free webinar « Going into business as a cooperative » is the perfect opportunity for you to ask our experts all the questions you might have. After our training, you will be able to fully realize that with the cooperative business model, it is the strength of the group that makes the difference.

During the webinar several topics will be addressed, including:

  • What is a cooperative?
  • The principles of cooperation
  • Why choose the cooperative model
  • The 5 types of cooperatives
  • The start-up process and the CDRQ’s support


Target audience

Anyone interested in entrepreneurship or with a coop project in mind.



Réseau de Développement Régional / Regional Dévelopment Network





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CDRQ webinars

All of the training and webinars offered by the CDRQ are designed BY and FOR cooperatives. Our cooperative development experts will give you the best practices to adopt with specialized and diversified content on several aspects of a cooperative enterprise without forgetting that we offer tailor-made training according to your needs and your reality. The training is in three parts: Initiation, start-up or growth.

This training is anchored in the Initiation component. The training courses in the Initiation component are short information meetings aimed at introducing entrepreneurial groups or people interested in the different facets of the cooperative model and collective entrepreneurship.


Your trainer

This webinar is presented by Louis-Rodrigue Lauzer. He has more than 10 years of experience in the cooperative field and has been a cooperative development advisor at the CDRQ for more than two years. Also, he is currently responsible for the development of the CDRQ’s English service offer. He will be pleased to discuss your ideas and entrepreneurial projects.